The Album of Your Week

Review of an album that has made your week

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This community is for submitting a review of 'that album' that has made an impact on your week, or that you've just been listening to. It can be new or old, any genre, style or taste. Reviews will be screened by community moderators, and must have some degree of formality. You don't have to like the album, you might just have heard your sister playing Jessica Simpson's latest album back to front, every day, and want to review the songs.

Please do not post reviews like "This album fucking rules! It's so heavy and makes me want to mosh!"

Rather, we encourage reviews like "Dark Side of the Moon is an album of great depth and innovation. This may not be Pink Floyd's best work as such, but certainly defines them as a band."

All reviews should be a minimum of 100 words, and should also include why this is the "Album of Your Week".

Each review should contain a 1-5 star rating. These ratings should be based on the album's own merits and shouldn't be genre-relative. Note that 5 stars should be very rare and reserved for those albums which significantly stand out. An amazing album should not receive more that 4 1/2 stars, unless it is exceptional. Images for star ratings can be found here

It's your choice whether to write in first-person or third-person perspective.

Please enjoy! We hope you can learn about some brilliant new music. We encourage broad music tastes!